If you decided to step out of the hotel after all, let us offer you food and entertainment places not to be missed.

  • Brasserie M&R
    Probably the most popular restaurant in Tel Aviv gives diners the impression they were whisked away to Paris. 24 hours a day.
    Located in the center of Tel Aviv opposite Rabin Square, this immensely popular French restaurant gives diners the impression they were whisked away to Paris. Every detail of the décor—from the leather banquettes and oversized mirrors to the elongated wooden bar and French/Hebrew menu—is sophisticated but not stuffy. The food is equally refined and meticulously prepared: from onion soup and pâté de campagne, to steak and moules frites, cassoulet and bœuf bourguignon. Open 24 hours a day, Brasserie is one of the only places in Tel Aviv that is hopping both day and night—and despite the clientele that includes an Israeli Who’s Who, it still manages to maintain a neighborhood feel. 63462192 Directions (PDF)http://www.hotelmontefiore.co.il/sites/default/files/maps/Bras_map.jpg 70 Ibn Gvirol St. Tel-Aviv 03 696 7111 Website
  • CoffeeBar
    Don’t be fooled by the name: the CoffeeBar is actually one of the most beloved restaurants in Tel Aviv. Dine and Wine.
    The menu features Italian-influenced fare and upscale comfort food, including our famous hamburger in red wine sauce, sautéed chicken livers over mashed potatoes, and duck confit, along with daily specials that are listed in chalk on an oversized blackboard. On Fridays, the place fills up with Tel Avivians enjoying the hearty brunch menu, while Saturday family-lunches have developed into a legendary affair. 66587278 Directions (PDF)http://www.hotelmontefiore.co.il/sites/default/files/maps/CB_map.jpg 13 Yad Harutzim St. Tel Aviv 03 688 9696 Website
  • Bakery
    Need a coffee-break? look for the Bakery. There are four of them. wonderful cakes and sweets, sandwiches and salads.
    The Bakery, with its three branches - The first adjacent to the CoffeeBar restaurant, the second to the Brasserie M&R, and the newly-arrived one in the Delicatessen - was initialy conceived with the idea of enabling our customers take home all our baked goods from both restaurants, as well as from the Hotel Montefiore, and Café 12. The Bakery offers it all, but that’s not everything. Get yourself a cup of coffee and a freshly-made sandwich, if you drop by, or along the way if you’re on a hurry, a full palette of desserts in case you’re hosting for dinner, or a spicy carrot salad, pasta salad and quinoa salad if you’re on the healthier side of lunch. http://www.hotelmontefiore.co.il/sites/default/files/bakery_0.jpg 13 Yad Harutzim St. Tel-Aviv 72 Ibn Gvirol St. Tel-Aviv79-81 Yehuda Halevy St. Tel-Aviv03 537 1041 03 696 105003 968 1010Website
  • Herzl 16
    Here's a chameleon - a hip cafe on the boulevard during the day, a hyper live-music bar at night. a serious Hot Spot.
    http://www.hotelmontefiore.co.il/sites/default/files/ib20180128_033_3.jpg 16 Herzl St., Tel Aviv 03 5544300 Website
  • Delicatessen 79/81
    A two-story restaurant and store. Sit-in or take-out daily home-style food, and/or fresh and preserved products. Bakery included.
    Resides in a two-story space in the heart of Tel Aviv, the Delicatessen has a store on the street level, while the upper floor, with its vast balcony, is a restaurant, offering food from the store, as well as from a daily-changed menu. Any imaginative combination will do. One can pre-order a complete as-many-courses-as-you-wish holiday meal for their big family, and have it supplied on the eve of the occasion, or get a Schnitzel and baked potatoes for the kids dinner, over the counter. Flowers and kitchen utensils, a large choices of cold meats and cheeses, both local and imported, wine and liqour, fresh vegetable and fruit, and of course all our famous bakery products, including our new line of chocolates, all in a well decorated, newest, hippest spot in Tel Aviv. 63462193 Directions (PDF)http://www.hotelmontefiore.co.il/sites/default/files/maps/Deli_map.jpg 79-81 Yehuda Halevy St. Tel-Aviv 03 968 1010 Website