Back in 1994, when the CoffeeBar opened its doors, we had in mind simple idea of serving a good cup of coffee with a decent pastry next to it, in a clean, well-lighted place. 20 years later, with 8 working spots around the city (see the Hit List), a ”Back Office” system that includes a large bakery, testing kitchen, a technical unit (the proud “R2M Handymen” truck can be seen strolling around town), and some 700 employees, the idea remained the same. Our business is to make people happy, to give them a good, relaxing time. We put a lot of effort in serving our customers good food in an elegant atmosphere. We strongly believe that that the experience of the customer does not begin and ends on the plate. The decor; the attitude of the staff, the light. Every time people go out to eat or just have a drink by the bar, should be a celebration. The above-mentioned “We”, refers to Ruti and Mati Broudo, who initiated R2M corporation upon returning from a long stay in New York, when they opened the above-mentioned CoffeeBar, and changed the face of Tel Aviv Food and Entertainment business over a single espresso.