Two women dining at Hotel Montefiore in Tel Aviv, enjoying a beautifully plated dish in an intimate, luxurious setting. The ambiance is elegant with dim lighting and sophisticated decor, highlighting the restaurant's fine dining experience.

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The Restaurant at Hotel Montefiore is as much a local gathering place as it is a destination for international travelers. A menu with an emphasis on seasonality invites guests to indulge in French-Asian cuisine while showcasing homegrown Israeli produce. Our curated wine list features a range of varietals from both Israeli vineyards and foreign winemakers. Visitors can expect an ever-changing cocktail menu using local herbs and bitters.

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Wine and alcoholic beverages are an integral part of the experience at Hotel Montefiore. We offer a robust and premier wine menu that showcases the most celebrated Israeli labels alongside international favorites. Guests are introduced to seasonally crafted cocktails accompanied by our menu of classics to enjoy. Our bar is host to wine tastings by Israeli winemakers and one-off cocktail menus made by local distilleries to expose our guests to the fascinating industry in the region.

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